Think Local

Start Thinking!

Think Local is an awareness campaign to educate and motivate Brookings residents and businesses to purchase goods and services in Brookings for the greater economic and social good of the community.

Who can Think:

All residents, retailers, businesses and visitors to Brookings and the surrounding area can make an impact by Thinking Local!

What to Think About:

Think about the products, services and experiences that you can find in locally owned and operated stores throughout Brookings.

When can you Think Local:

Thinking local should not come just once a year, but rather be on our minds throughout the year! Trythinking local once a day!

Why should you Think Local:

In addition to providing funding for community amenities such as the parks and recreation system, local sales tax revenue pays for vital services including police and fire protection and snow removal.

How can you Think Local:

Grab a latte at the  local coffee shop on the way to shop downtown. Spend an afternoon visiting one of Brookings’ many museums and attractions. Round out your evening with dinner and movie!